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ProBit Token (PROB)
PROB is ProBit's utility token. The fundamental utilization of the ProBit token is to pay for expenses on the ProBit trade. Moreover, the PROB token furnishes clients with a few advantages including however not constrained to: exchanging expense limits, casting a ballot rights, expanded referral reward and early access to new highlights.
After the dispatch of ProBit Exchange, PROB will enter the Trade Mining period. Amid this period, for each exchange at ProBit, PROB worth 80% of the exchanging expense dependent available cost of the PROB tokens will be mined and issued to the merchant as a reward.
Bottomless Liquidity
As its essential pay source, ProBit charges a 0.1% exchanging expense to takers and 0.05% exchanging expense to producers. Charging a low expense to creators (i.e. base rate of 0.050%) demonstrates ProBit's pledge to making inexhaustible liquidity by offering points of interest to advertise making. This valuing and in addition mining of PROB tokens will empower liquidity in return and give advantages to creators.
Exchanging Fee Discount
Exchanging charge limits can be benefited by endless supply of the exchanging expense utilizing the ProBit token. ProBit actualizes a layered enrollment framework for clients. The levels comprise of "Standard" clients and different dimensions of "Premium" clients relying upon the PROB holding. Exchanging charge limits will fluctuate contingent upon the client's part status. Standard individuals will get a 10% markdown rate while Premium individuals will get a 20– half rebate.
Referral Bonus
The referral program is a discretionary program intended to compensate clients who welcomed different clients to exchange at the ProBit stage. The referral reward will be given as a commission to the referrer (i.e., inviter) on the exchanges by ref (i.e., invitee). For standard individuals, the referral reward is 10% of the arbitrator's exchanging expense while for Premium individuals, the referral reward is 20% of official's exchanging charge.

What is ProBit Token?
The ProBit Token (PROB) fills in as the utility token of ProBit Exchange. As an utility token, PROB outfits customers of the exchange with different preferences, for instance, trading cost limits, throwing a poll rights for posting of new tokens, extended referral compensate and early access to new features.

20,000,000 ProBit Tokens were allocated for the private arrangement, pre-arrangement and IEO events. After the basic stage, the trade mining stage will begin. In the trade mining stage, when a trade is done, both the takers and makers are repaid with ProBit tokens with a whole corresponding to a dimension of the trading charge of the trade.
Points of interest, for instance, trading cost breaking points and referral prizes will be compensated to customers of the exchange dependent upon the proportion of their PROB holding. Trading charge limits go from 10– portion of the trading cost. Referral rewards (compensate given in the wake of insinuating another customer) go from 10– 20% of the trading charge.
Moreover, ProBit has a Buy-Back program to repurchase ProBit tokens on the exchange. The repurchase tokens will be used as a plausibility spare that will fill in as a security bolster.
What is ProBit Exchange?
ProBit Exchange is an automated cash exchange prepared to make waves in the cryptocurrency feature. ProBit attempts to isolate itself from various exchanges by being the most around the world, capable and secured business place for electronic assets.
The rule features of the exchange Include: a best performing organizing engine with taking care of farthest point of 1.5 million trades for consistently, predominant security through FIDO U2F hardware security scratch encourage, totally versatile dashboard and unlimited coins and trading sets (150+ financial structures arranged to be recorded). All these fascinating features affirmation to give vendors world class trading learning.
For what reason would it be fitting for me to purchase the ProBit Token?
Resources raised in the midst of the offers of ProBit Token will be utilized to make the ProBit Exchange organize. PROB will fill in as the spine for building the ProBit Ecosystem including C2C exchange, fiat exchanges and ICO arrange.
By what means may I purchase the ProBit Token?
ProBit Exchange is holding a Pre-Sale event for the ProBit Token (PROB) starting on November 5 until November 28, 2018. In the midst of the Pre-Sale period, individuals will get a 10% Bonus for each ProBit token (PROB) that they purchase. You should see that the base purchase entirety is 100 USD. To impact a purchase, to please visit https://www.probit.com/en-us/token
Enroll a record: www.probit.com

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