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Signal Beep Nation is framed as a platform where individuals can offer various types of administrations, regardless of whether it is an auto pool or get and drop, land administrations, pressing and moving administrations, crisis help et cetera. The platform, in light of a disseminated record framework, will empower people to enroll for various administrations and get paid or just add to those in require in various ways.
Highlights of Beep Nation
The platform offers the accompanying highlights, for example,
The platform encourages exchanges for various administrations and agreeing to accept giving administrations through the Eminent or EMN token.
The administrations of the platform are open through the Beep Nation application. This present platform's applications are accessible at the diverse application stores that make it feasible for specialist co-ops to enroll in a hurry and discover interest for their administrations rapidly according to their area.
The assistance classifications incorporate getting a ride, a place to stay, moving or conveying things, therapeutic crisis help, vehicle breakdown help, visit guide and others like giving refreshed data.
The platform would turn into a hotspot for getting nearby and pertinent data from individuals who are in a situation to offer such data or help; occasions are on the spot surveys of eateries, proposals for likely places or exercises for families in a specific region, suggestions for a sitter or a handyman, data for a relative or pet who is missing et cetera.
The platform works with a man blaring for a specific administration or help such a ride to a specific area; the flag can be grabbed and somebody can offer you a ride who is heading off to a similar place; similar works for individuals who are setting out and wish to discover moderate spots to remain at residential locations save rooms or convenience is accessible.
The individuals who utilize the administrations can pay appreciation tip for the assistance they get; it is done through the EMN token of the platform.

Group in Beep Nation
The center group of the platform involves Sen Ze as CEO of the platform who holds a law degree and has worked for various organizations in the entrepreneurial part, even began online endeavors from the early piece of the thousand years.

Samuel Sham is prime supporter and CFO of the platform who holds a twofold degree in administration and bookkeeping; he has filled in as a guaranteed budgetary organizer, vendor and inspector for various money related firms.
Jelson Low has a graduate degree in software engineering and has worked in the circle like outline, advancement and investigations of PC frameworks and is CTO of Beep Nation.
Guide of Beep Nation
The platform's beta dispatch and application dispatch are booked to be finished by the second from last quarter of 2018. The application would be accessible on Google Play and Apple stores. The wallet and token advancement are being done and would be incorporated with the application by the final quarter of 2018. The token installment framework would be operational by the primary quarter of 2019.
Token Sale Details
Token Name: EMINENT Token (EMN)
Token Type: ERC20
Add up to Supply: 156,250,000 EMN Tokens (comprehensive of extra tokens)
Tokens available to be purchased: 112,228,260 EMN Tokens
Hard Cap: USD31,250,000.00
Cash Accepted: ETH and USD
Pre-deal: 27th June 2018
Pre-deal Bonus: 5%
Deal: fourth July 2018
Deal Price: USD0.25 per EMN

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