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Konios platform offers the safest exchange

The Konios platform offers the most secure trade platform for money and crypto monetary standards around the world. Our answer for locally and carefully trading all FIAT and CRYPTO monetary standards between any invested individuals, is one of a kind. The universally uniform trade guideline is decentrallly secured by the Konios Blockchain. Around the world, about $ 7.7 trillion in trade is out course. The Konios platform plans to help bringing some of this immense fortune into the crypto showcase.

Because of the consistent development of the crypto group, the cryptocurrencies are increasing increasingly acknowledgment. Then again, the state specialists, through the inexorably louder crypto-group, end up mindful and progressively strict directions are being passed. The mediation of the state is the initial move towards general acceptance.The future inescapability of cryptocurrencies requires an answer for simpler dealing with. With the goal that no age gathering or social minority is prohibited from the crypto-group. Since a conceivable financial change on cryptocurrencies is liable to a moderate adjustment, the wide mass amid the progress time frame must be acquainted with the crypto group in a delicate, straightforward and secure way.
In light of these considerations, the Konios group has been working eagerly since 2017 to start and set up a platform that locations absolutely these issue zones. The Konios Group is pleased to exhibit the arrangement.
The Konios Exchanging Platform is intended for streamlined use. The Platform offers coordinated examination instruments, to show outlines by redid parameters. Particularly intended to indicate laymen the neccessary data and predictions.     Coin related news and more significant online data will be given in a different segment, enabling individual research to occur inside the trade.
Exchange stream F2F
A Konios platform client needs to trade his money for a cash of his decision. To begin with, the client characterizes the FIAT trade sum and chooses the coveted cryptocurrency. The channel work improves the look for the coveted cryptocurrency. A rundown of venders, arranged by remove, is shown by the parameters. The correct position and personality of the merchants are never noticeable, just the separation and the particular appraisals of the vender. Presently the purchaser is allowed to pick a man from the rundown. The client additionally has the choice of showing a guide with the merchants rather than the rundown, whereby just the district where the vender is dynamic is stamped. An ask for will now be sent to the chose merchant, which contains the parameters set by the purchaser (cash, sum, date, time and place).
The merchant affirms the buy ask for by tapping on his cell phone, considering all parameters. The dealer's affirmation actuates the Brilliant Contract. All beforehand characterized parameters are currently part of the Brilliant Contract. The concurred cryptocurrency sum is solidified by the decentralized keen contract until the point that the two gatherings have met and finished the F2F exchange. The Savvy Contract is just satisfied after the exchange has been effectively finished and the installment to the purchaser is consequently discharged.
Konios Wallet
One wallet – for all coins and all exercises. Safe. Quick. Straightforward. The security of client portfolios is the focal point of the improvement group. In this manner, a differentiated wallet structure was conceived. From one perspective, get to important data is secured in customary shape and also in participation with other wallet suppliers and designers. The fundamental trademark is the individual disposition and the vital assets for a conceivable genuine assault.
Konios Token
The Konios Token fills in as an entrance point for utilizing the platform. To access a trade, for example, for F2F exchanges, the relating number of KON-Tokens must be added to the Konios platform. Without this, no administration on the Konios platform can be utilized. The coordination of the KON Token into the Konios Blockchain is clarified in detail in the "Specialized Whitepaper". The "Specialized Whitepaper" will be distributed over the span of May 2018.
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