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Delivery Platform based on Blockchain VOLT

VOLT is a phase that grants united stages, for instance, Uber, to be delivered decentralizedly and enables organize movement through P2P. Uber and diverse models expect a piece of Central Control as representatives and get a cost of no less than 20%. VOLT's P2P facilitate course of action show is a capable model that hopes to get rid of agent charge by conveying direct costs down to customers and represetatives, to under 5%, or even in plans to take out completely.
The present movement exhibit is a brought together model, with a system called Hub and Spoke. This united model, including DHL, has overpowered the movement exhibit far and wide. Nevertheless, the concentrated model can't address the issues of same day transport. VOLT is blockchain-based P2P movement demonstrate that distances limitation of that day transport more effectively than existing models.
VOLT is a decentralized stage. There is no go between or dealer, which prompts bring down the cost offered for clients, and furthermore boost benefit for the errand people.
In VOLT, we offer a straightforward situation. All clients and couriers or conveyance organizations advantage from the protection and straightforwardness of the charges and costs.
A safe installment framework that permits two confirmed P2P elements to send and get cash that gets held in VOLT Tokens until after an effective trade of administrations between the two gatherings.
Same Day Delivery
VOLT 's same day conveyance abbreviates conveyance time to 1-5 hours, while 1-3 days in the current web based shopping center. Center and talked is a framework that gathers all things to be dispatched, orders them, and after that conveys to their goal. This implies any bundles to be conveyed from 32nd Street to 54th Street in Manhattan, NY will be sent to Delaware for arrangement and conveyed back in Manhattan. This is tedious and furthermore acquires expansive warehousing costs.
Keeping in mind the end goal to settle this wastefulness, an emissary situated almost 32nd road gathers just what is to be sent close-by and conveys it as P2P so it can be conveyed inside a couple of hours.
VOLT Token Sale Plan
Add up to Tokens Issued: 4,000,000,000
Add up to token available to be purchased: 2,000,000,000
Reservation Sale: 200,000,000
Pre-Sale: 600,000,000
Open Sale: 1,200,000,000
Trading with different monetary forms may be accessible after token deal is done. 
How it functions
VOLT's plan of action associates clients and errand people, and gives tweaked calculations that use Big Data and a coordinating framework that utilizations keen contracts for simple administration conveyance. Clients require a VOLT coin to utilize this administration.
At the point when the conveyance of nourishment, merchandise, shipping separation, time required, considering the heaviness of the products should be resolved by the measure of work trouble. We call this unit of work "Jula". For instance, if clients need to send the merchandise to a point named A 2km away and you require 600 Jula, and 1200 Jula is required to dispatch similar products to B point 6km away. VOLT is building up an ideal calculation to compute the measure of this work, and will present the least offer (sell off) framework for some unique conveyances.
A VOLT coin is required for an administration purchaser to ask for conveyance. That is, so as to ask for a specific measure of Jula execution, a VOLT coin comparing to this is utilized. The proportion of this Jula to the VOLT coin isn't generally steady. The proportion of the principal Jula to the VOLT coin begins at 1: 1. The proportion is alterable as per the cost at the market.
Token Flow
A customer who requires the organization can purchase the coins from the Exchange. A customer will purchase 100 coins for the transport advantage that costs 100 coins. The customer will pay 100 coins to VOLT where VOLT relates the request to the dispatcher. After the organization is done, VOLT trades 95 coins to the dispatcher. Around 5%(the rate can be changed as per open up advantage) of the coin is used as a commission to the association advantage. The association offers the coin earned to the Exchange to convey wage.
The pay is used to keep up the association or offer benefits to the VOLT financial specialists, yet not to the coin-holders. In case this technique encounters a cycle, the coin ask for unavoidably will be higher than the supply from the Exchange, realizing higher cost for the coins. A blend of counts and current coin esteem, VOLT changes the coin/Jula rate. In whole deal, coin/Jula rate will increase, and thusly prepared to have higher Jula with 1 VOLT Coin. Additionally, in this way assembles the estimation of Jula.

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