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ODEM Unlocking Higher Education

Preparing is an overall industry. General utilizations rose to a normal $6 trillion out of 20161, with spending on higher learning guage to rise eight percent this year to $2.05 trillion2. Year-on-year advancement prevalent is filled all around by people improvement and a developing cushy class in Asia and Africa. Notwithstanding prospects for extended spending, understudies face various deterrents and restrictions that reduce the17accessibilityWhitePaper to quality preparing experiences. Rising instructive cost costs, understudy commitment and' layers of agents, including schools, finish off various inescapable understudies, ensuring that the most imperative quality guideline is overwhelmingly administered to overall elites. For a few, propelled instruction is neither open, sensible nor appropriate to understudies with routinely advancing needs.
The ODEM stage has been made possible by the ascent of bleeding edge blockchain advancement that licenses qualified and trusted people from the guideline business to make changed instructive modules and experiences and offer them particularly to the market. The ODEM stage furthermore gives understudies more choices for cabin, transportation and diverse necessities. It empowers all inclusive and adjacent understudies to assume liability for preparing. ODEM will energize live, in-classroom experiences, maintained by online limits.

ODEM is an option that is other than a preparation business focus. Through Ethereum-based sharp contracts, assention among understudies and instructors will be expert with the scarcest possible relationship of agents. Our focal objective is to make direction from the world's best teachers accessible and afordable to everyone.
The Issue/The Commercial focus
Nonattendance of Access to Quality Advanced training
Upgrading accessibility suggests watching out for the challenges that understudies look in picking up an amazing preparing. We see that crushing deterrents is a basic bit of growing up. Regardless, we similarly assume that making an overall marketplace17WhitecanassistPaper understudies in getting to various preparing choices, tweaking course judgments,' and managing the obtainment of understudy
Settled in, Inflexible Heritage Models
A couple of snags thwart achieving more broad understudy access to standard, in-person higher-quality preparing. Instructors, fast to grow their impact in the more broad learning gathering, are frequently restricted by their self-teaches on how, when and on what terms they can share their aptitude. Understudies are hampered in their voyage for learning by rigid controls on enrollment, course basics and distinctive troublesome necessities. Grabbing admission to some tip top schools can be more troublesome and brimming with more important defenselessness than graduating. A rapidly changing world means preparing must modify. The old perspective of four-year and graduate guideline fails to address the noteworthiness of modifying preparing to address the issues of understudies and directors.

Cash related Obstructions
Exponential Increments in Educational cost Expenses

Rising instructive cost costs and weights of geography in like manner confound the system. For understudies concentrated on profound established taking, without flexible options inhibits17WhitetheirabilityPaperto invigorate their knowledge as their callings progress'. Likewise, access to the best teachers is controlled and the cost swelled by the associations who use them.

Geographic and Societal Hindrances and the Breaking purposes of Online Training
The ascent of web demonstrating structures has pulled in thought with respect to the purposes of imprisonment of what understudies can get from the internet preparing learning. Social and geological setting is lost in the domain of web based preparing. We confide in ODEM's highlight on in-class teaching.

The ODEM Arrangement
Using the vitality of blockchain development and its splendid contract-based portion stage, ODEM will enable understudies and teachers to convey direct and appreciate the exchanging of preparing and learning, without the incorporation of intermediaries17WhitePaper.Our objective is to make quality guideline more open and direct to'abroader social event of individuals. Enthusiasm for U.S.- based direction has risen enormously with understudies from Asia, Africa, South America and the Center East, searching for access to standard four-year colleges and furthermore providers of revamp planning and instructive projects.
ODEM and it's protected, blockchain-based stage empowers understudies to reliably connect with instructors and to seize opportunities to get the opportunity to hand created courses and preparing programs. Understudies can use ODEM to search for instructive projects that tends to their issues.
ODEM keeps an eye on a critical number of the business' troubles with:
•Access to both neighborhood and worldwide on area, and in-person educational experiences. While ODEM can give any sort of learning foundation, the program underscores on-the-ground preparing at tip top foundations around the globe.

•A single peparing bunch in which understudies, instructors and authority associations can pass on and take an intrigue particularly in an ensured circumstance.
•A more gainful technique for sharing and understanding informational necessities, targets and purposes important to meet the rapidly changing workforce and the globalization of understudies and teachers.
•A single, constant course of action of exchange, instructive modules delineation and portions on a settled upon design.
•An consolidated academic and instructive projects design producer with purposes of intrigue open to all individuals to ensure progression of enlightening activities that are clearly laid out and settled upon by all social events.
•Capacity to perform forward and in reverse vernacular translation at all levels of preparing acquisition to ensure that fundamental nuances in program requests are not lost in understanding.

Advancement Platform
In control response to the challenges looked by industry veteran, Excelorators, we are making an online stage that will oblige quick, clear creation, exchange and transport of preparing programs that satisfy the changing needs of17WhiteglobalstudentsPaper. The stage works in conjunction with a thorough and decentralized'payment structure for secure trades.
The ODEM model will make an organized stage where an extensive variety of understudies and understudy agents can make and request organizations for preparing programs. Instructors and informational pro associations can get requests for program fulfillment and movement benefits all through a frictionless, smart contract.
ODEM: The On-Request Instruction Commercial focus
ODEM is a broad stage that licenses understudies, educators and master communities in the preparation business to appreciate a quick, decentralized, consistent business focus. It connects with individuals to look for, select and purchase existing informational things and furthermore make, request and mastermind changed preparing experiences up close and personal and on the web. Not under any condition like online direction providers like Coursera and Khan Foundation, the ODEM stage bases on making steady, face to face informational tasks. Thusly, the ODEM stage is expected to oblige the movement of a lone course, and additionally the running with organizations and arranging that are consolidated into accommodat-ing a get-together of understudies flying out to a zone for one day, a month or even a year. Since most of our present offerings are close-by educational experiences, we have gathered an off-blockchain capacity to manage an extent of endeavors, including the exchange of costs, the securing of expert communities and the arrangement of understudy supports.
How it Functions
Despite whether for a one-day address or a more wide week-long getting ready' event, the ODEM stage partners understudies and educators with course offerings at any esteem point wherever around the world. Likewise, with a creating gathering of customers, ODEM stage will be the ideal strategy to buy or offer changed guideline and instructional classes at a cross periphery level. ODEM will be controlled by a game plan of undertakings passed on the Ethereum blockchain. Use of Ethereum will give straightforwardness and effortlessness of portion. Customers will login onto the stage, pick which organizations to purchase, and the record of such purchase is secured onto the blockchain. Limits and activities performed going before purchase, for example, chasing down or including new instructive modules will be dealt with by the off-chain stage.

Token Issuer

Total Tokens

Tokens to be sold via the Token sale

Short name

ERC20 of Ethereum blockchain
Accepted cryptocurrency

White Paper

AML/KYC requirement to participate in the

Token sale

Pre Token Sale Details
Price per ODEM (pre Token sale) for
58,200,000 ODEMT

Pre Token sale starting date and time
Dec. 10, 2017, at 9 a.m. UTC
Pre Token sale ending date and time
Dec. 31, 2017, at 9 a.m. UTC
Minimum buying limit
200,000 ODEMT

Maximum buying limit

Token Sale Details

Price per ODEM (Token sale) for
€0.05 (equivalent price in Ether will be
updated 24 hours before the Token sale)
Token sale starting date
Feb. 17, 2018 at 9 a.m. UTC
Token Sale ending date
Mar. 19, 2018 at 9 a.m. UTC
Hard cap on the main token sale

Minimum buying limit

Maximum buying limit
2,000,000 ODEM Tokens for first hour


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