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Digitizecoin: Converting your loose change into cryptocurrency

The Digitize ecosystem will turn into the principal worldwide decentralized shopper ecosystem helping the progress to advanced monetary standards through the transformation of spare change. Buyers have a platform to change over and trade their spare change for Etheruem and crypto list showcase (C20). The Merchants likewise have a prizes platform, where they can grant criticism rewards or offer rebates through Digitize tokens.
Digitize is the official substance that makes the Digitize tokens, platform and innovation. For the shirking of uncertainty, the Digitize tokens don't furnish token holders with any proprietorship or different interests in Digitize. Token holders are not qualified for any ensured type of profits, income disseminations, and voting rights.
To end up noticeably an ecosystem member, the client downloads the Digitize portable application, which will be accessible on all prominent application stores. The client at that point makes a record on the Digitize platform, either as a customer or a dealer. Amid the enrollment, the framework will make a client profile and a wallet for every client. Every member of the ecosystem will be given a wallet that jelly all information in the decentralized database and permits collaboration with different gatherings, using savvy contracts. We want to likewise put the Digitize token on cryptographic token trades, giving a chance to straightforwardly get them (to occupants of nations where the buy of computerized tokens does not damage neighborhood laws)

The ecosystem will be worked as per an adaptable and decentralized approach that guarantees solidness and maintainability in the long haul.
The ecosystem will include the accompanying members, which will take part as delineated in the following chart:
The Digitize platform is a decentralized commercial center that enables vendors to join, offer Digitize tokens available to be purchased, do advancements and get input from customers. It empowers shoppers to buy digital currencies at the purpose of offer, and take an interest in rewards programs.

The Digitize parts include:
•Digitize token creation and the token dispatch to support improvement and development;
•Establishment of a decentralized, reasonable and secure model for arrange execution;
•Development of savvy contracts to run the request installment and satisfaction process;
•Release of the site and portable application for shippers and shoppers;
•Creation of a viable motivating force display for all gatherings to join the Digitize ecosystem;
•Development of a dynamic promoting efforts to light introductory footing;
•Elaboration of the ecosystem's administrative viewpoints.

Dealers are organizations or individual retailers in the matter of offering items and administrations, straightforwardly to general society. They could extend from neighborhood corner shops, oil stations, to substantial supermarkets. The vendor appropriation of the digitize platform is an imperative part to the accomplishment of Digitize, along these lines, the Digitize ecosystem was deliberately wanted to be accessible on a free versatile application, for any retailer on the planet to introduce and utilize. We boost and give Merchants value-based income of 2% each time a purchaser stores change into their wallet. Besides, the exposure, advertising and purchaser request got by declaring a crypto-organization will give substantial scale advantage to the shipper.

The Merchant parts include:
•Providing Digitize benefits straightforwardly to the customer;
•Participate and make rewards programs;
•Review instructional exercises and manuals
•Ensure general stores into their trader wallet, to cover shopper request;
•Promote the Digitize ecosystem by bringing movement through advancements of determined applications.

Purchasers are people that will utilize Digitize administrations. Customers will be required to download our portable application for access to our administrations. We will offer buyers access to an online suite of instructional exercises and manuals to manage them in the task of out platform. Digitize gives a straightforward, bother free technique for sparing spare change as cryptographic money.
Buyer parts include:
•Sign up to Digitize administrations;
•Participate in referral programs;
•Review instructional exercises and manuals
•Provide criticism;
•Receive advancement, referral and criticism rewards.

Blockchain is a common information base innovation, generally mainstream for use in bitcoin computerized cash.
Blockchain works by connecting databases that refresh advanced records.
Shrewd contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the understanding amongst purchaser and merchant being straightforwardly built into lines of code. The code and the understandings contained there in exist over a circulated, decentralized Blockchain organize. Savvy contracts allow relatively immediate, put stock in exchanges, and understandings to be done among various, mysterious gatherings without the requirement for a focal specialist, legitimate framework, or outside implementation system. They render exchanges traceable, straightforward, and irreversible. The Digitize platform is outlined as a high-stack framework. The market potential for the Digitize ecosystem comprises of a great many clients, each of them making many requests every year. The fundamental spotlight is on execution, in which we look for brilliant contracts bolster, consistency, solidness, and usability. We intend to utilize the most demonstrated and adaptable open source innovations and continually screen elective specialized headways.
•Smart contracts

•Exchange platform

Shrewd contracts give the instruments and system to make another age of retail benefits, where buyers and dealers can take part in trusted exchanges, as indicated by different business rules, without the need of a focal financier substance. For instance, the Merchant can send change got at the purpose of a deal, specifically to your computerized wallet. The advantage of quick, savvy and secure exchanges, empowers keen contracts as the most practical innovation to use on the Digitize ecosystem.
Digitize will give various shrewd contract formats that will be utilized to encourage the deal component. The shared structure is perfect for the decentralized idea of the digitize ecosystem and has the advantage of giving energy to the shippers encouraging the exchanges.


The eftpos installment process in retail shops at present involves more than 10 distinct strides to settle an exchange, involving a protracted procedure that could be stopped with the utilization of Blockchain. Blockchain is perfect for advanced installments to be more productive and trustful in the retail space. Installment handling through Blockchain has an essentially bigger potential for exchanges at high speeds and low costs. Purchasers will be given a way to store and spare change, while additionally having the capacity to make installments with their computerized wallets. Then again, retailers will profit by quick advanced installments. Digitize ecosystem furnishes retailers with motivating forces to embrace Digitize, through value-based incomes on stores made by shoppers. Each store exchange will charge the customer 4% to store spare change into their computerized wallets, with the retailer accepting 2% and Digitize getting 2% of the estimation of the store.



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