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CIBUS understood that little scale makers everywhere throughout the world need a place for assist improvement and item dispatch to the universal market which is up to this point appears to be out of headed for them. Today scaling open door for little level brokers and makers is tied by different bottlenecks and that is the place CIBUS arrangement allows them to unshackle their actual potential. CIBUS thus offers a plenty of administrations on its platform encouraged by CIBUS token and upheld by CIBUS people group spread overall so that above bottlenecks can without much of a stretch be unshackled and genuine business potential can be acknowledged by its clients. The CIBUS arrange is a blockchain-construct ecosystem community in light of sustenance and wellbeing supplements guarantee the source, quality and satisfaction to straightforwardness. The beginning of CIBUS platform is to bring sustenance and dietary supplements makers, makers, merchants or brokers under one utilitarian, intuitive, and commonly beneficial platform in light of blockchain innovation and empowering a straightforwardness through dependable information sitting on dispersed record which can be unreservedly gotten to by every single invested individual; In this way both the entrepreneurs and buyers can appreciate most ideal straightforwardness, realness, and unwavering quality about the nourishment items they are keen on. Generation and dissemination records kept up in CIBUS blockchain can't be misrepresented. Customer/Purchasers, sustenance makers and controllers could utilize it for fast follow nourishment items back to their source, to choose brisk expulsion if there should arise an occurrence of sustenance review or extortion identification while benefiting a high level of straightforwardness.
CIBUS Token empowers put stock in less exchange inside the platform between all members. It is the hidden money for all exchanges, method of installment for exchange charges, escrow administrations, and promoting and will give business investigation and value-based insight. All executing gatherings will be required to purchase and pay utilizing CIBUS tokens.
CIBUS will fill in as a multi-useful platform:
●Facilitates getting to traceability data by end shopper utilizing CIBUS-Follow usefulness: adding complete straightforwardness crossing ranch to fork – finish esteem chain
●Creates intelligent worldwide online networking platform for nourishment purchasers, sustenance makers, broker, sustenance bloggers, sustenance client's and all other sustenance lovers to empower their extent of communication with other sustenance makers, dealers, specialists and additionally with an all around extended wellbeing and quality cognizant likeminded group
●Provides a web based business platform that enables both B2C and B2B exchange methodology in nourishment and dietary supplements related stock utilizing CIBUS-Retail and CIBUS-Exchange sub-platforms, individually
●Facilitates coordinate focused on promoting by Makers/makers/dealers by giving custom fitted client inclination and applicable profile statistic information, which will be the premise of CIBUS-Advertisement

●CIBUS token will be the money of exchange over every one of the platforms; the point is to encourage open and reasonable exchange to lessen vulnerabilities in production network dependability for the end customer by building up an all encompassing, economical sustenance driven platform.

Presenting CIBUS ecosystem community

CIBUS Token:
Hidden digital money for all exchanges on CIBUS platform, which is the main method of installment for exchange expense, escrow administrations, publicizing and examination information. All executing parties on CIBUS Exchange and CIBUS Retail need to keep up a base CIBUS token adjust to start their arrangements on CIBUS.
CIBUS WORLD – Worldwide Sustenance BUSINESS Ecosystem community ON CIBUS BLOCKCHAIN
CIBUS straightforward worldwide sustenance business ecosystem community on blockchain innovation can advance after classes of nourishment organizations on worldwide platform:
●Agricultural creation
●Industrial assembling of prepared nourishments
●Wholesale or retail sustenance circulation
CIBUS blockchain based business ecosystem community can offer appropriate answers for the lion's share of repeating quality and genuineness issues in sustenance business supply chains around the world. Advantages can be appreciated in following regions:
●Traceability of fixings and bundling materials for best nourishment security
●Brand security coming about to mark value foundation
●Consumption of ongoing information to cling to administrative reviews
●Monitoring of conveyance state of temperature for touchy items
●Ensuring consistence to GFSI inspired VACCP (Defenselessness Evaluation and Basic Control Focuses) rules.
●Fast recuperation of sustenance wellbeing information if there should be an occurrence of item review

●Accurate traceability embedded in store network will empower accomplice makers to manage dangerous items quick.
CIBUS has obvious answers for different reasonable issues in agri nourishment business Moreover, CIBUS is planned by sustenance researchers who have many years of involvement in dairy and related enterprises as a team with blockchain innovation pros to guarantee ideal exactness and proficiency for its clients. More or less, CIBUS means to give escrow administrations, examination and offshoot web based business capacities. CIBUS utilizes blockchain innovation to get supreme straightforwardness sustenance and dietary supplements inventory network in this manner helps nourishment security and traceability. it benefits end-customers by offering sufficient data put away on blockchain, open on portable application and sites, with the goal that educated decisions can be made before every single nourishment/dietary supplement buy.
CIBUS likewise decreases inclusion of middle people in the nourishment economy by making a web based business platform for sustenance and dietary supplements. This encourages coordinate exchanging amongst organizations and end customers and in addition different organizations.
CIBUS acquires on exchange expense, advanced promoting, escrow administrations and client examination information it gives to merchants from its boosted person to person communication platform.
CIBUS application is posts isolated than other Ethereum based blockchain appear. The reasons are:
●Producers can exchange sustenance prosperity traceability related data in shared record
●Consumers will have complete use to settle on checking sustenance prosperity related data
●Producers can check the estimation of data over some extend of time: they can check what number of purchasers will pull data and what kind of data are being pulled
●CIBUS platform will be versatile for sustenance creators: One can exchange data on singular watchfulness
●CIBUS social will fill in as a uninvolved puller of data in perspective of purchaser politeness.

CIBUS Utility
CIBUS is a multi-helpful platform energized by CIBUS Tokens that focuses:

I.Promotion of sustenance prosperity and straightforwardness by using blockchain and ensuring thing approval, detectable quality of thing's life cycle travel detectable quality, thing survey profitability and, stock organization
II.Authentication for things' freshness if there ought to emerge an event of perishables and chain of care with duty, creation organize mapping and streamlining,
III. help of direct retail(B2C) and business to business(B2B) support trading
V.Robotic affirmation for creation arrange organization
VI.Customs, audit, and heading process headway to realize perfect straightforwardness in store arrange system with the assistance of Draw chain figuring.

CIBUS Social
CIBUS social will be a multilingual platform and will be powered by inbuilt modified translators to empower customers to fathom support fixings in their vernacular lingo. CIBUS social will be founded on pre-settled features like:
A relational association platform for customers to share, inspect and collaborate on sustenance and related considerations: Equation sharing, sight and sound exchanges, reviews on food things, AMA sessions with experts, sustenance substances, overall talk for people with any kind of outstanding dietary necessities, and crowdfunding endeavors.
Existing relational associations tend to control customer news urge to affect general conclusion. CIBUS - Social will be expected to ensure that end-customer feeling is gotten to by sustenance producers and creators.
The studies and appraisals posted on CIBUS Social will be facilitated into the vender rating framework used as a piece of CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Trade.
Voting and studying system enables customers to covertly record their sentiments on subjects of standard interest.
Stringent measures to shield bots from posting or sharing in studies.
CIBUS tokens can be utilized by the customers for sharing in crowdfunding endeavors.
Data and media exchanged on CIBUS Social will be secured using blockchain on decentralized servers.
All exchanges will be guaranteed using end to end encryption.

Users have complete control on who can see their posts and exchanges. Additional support frameworks to redesign security.
Completely mixed private educating choices between related customers.
Connected customers can request and send CIBUS tokens to each other covertly.
For web based systems administration posts that are in the possibility of equations or sustenance and eating regimen related advices a steadfastness meter will let diverse customers or pros to rate the level of precision and authenticity of the post.
All customer introduces on be arranged into topics using hashtags and hash marks strings for direct section.
CIBUS wallet compensate for existing customers who complete powerful sidekick referrals.
CIBUS wallet compensate for keeping up activity streak over extended time period.
Dummy customer accounts used for mass despising or poor examinations will be checked using quantifiably fated customer outlines and such records will be blocked.

Favorable circumstances of CIBUS Social Collaboration:
Customer reviews are helpful towards future redesigns and improvements of a thing.
Customer opportunity towards conveying true blue information.
Easy to advance and attract potential customer in inconsequential cost.
Ease to get agreeable information from customers.
Getting imperative information to upgrade business game plans and help to enhance better customer support programs.
Inbuilt Social Platform to post and overview.
Related information posted in other social platforms will in like manner be conveyed by association approach.
Creator/Producer Perspective:
1.Producer can implant thing information from a business perspective:
Product related information.

Relevant files.
Striking features.
Advantages of this thing completed the process of existing things.
Other information.
2.Producer can answer or start/form a social change perspective:
Necessary information.
Upload appropriate records.
Purchaser Perspective:
1.Consumer creates review/blog or took part in a study talk :
Necessary information.
Upload germane records.
Social Rousing power at CIBUS Social:
Social platform is a goldmine for sharing information, thought, feeling and participation. The capacity of casual association including already specified activities is clear yet not compelled to any pre-portrayed set. Social platform can utilize the capacity to compensate the customer in different ways.
CIBUS rousing power will be appropriated in the wake of following a couple of traditions of the association to the extent CIBUS Token.
Incentivized order can be yet not confined to the going with:
CIBUS Blogger
CIBUS Expert
CIBUS standard post proprietor
CIBUS Dynamic customer
CIBUS inspiration estimation will depend after segments:
Voting system
Judgment of study quality and dependability

CIBUS association traditions
CIBUS association execution and overall economy
Issues with general non-supported structure:
●Existing game plans share different issues, most noticeable of which is false reviews.
●It is believed the overviews recorded on general medium are inclined to the negative in view of the nonattendance of rousing power for the standard end-customer.
●In short, end-customers who have an impartial or positive experience are far less slanted to post a review than an end-customer who had a negative trial.
Preferences of social spurring power:
●Humans are typically social animals, and seize the opportunity to be seen for their authority and achievements. Affirmation through CIBUS Token can be a proficient help for social activity.
●Giving people something exceptional or prohibitive as a side-effect of sharing can be a successful motivation — we in general need to feel aware of something uncommon by securing particular recognizable pieces of proof like CIBUS Blogger et cetera. As said in third reason for above section.
●High quality honest to goodness reviews at CIBUS Social platform extends trust with our Decentralized Overview structure. Affirmed Customers can review the post and can choose the authenticity by methods for our Scattered Splendid Contracts using Blockchain.
●Reviews Given in other associated Web based systems administration platforms for the huge things will in like manner be helped if the customer has a CIBUS account.
Nourishment TRACEABILITY AND BLOCKCHAIN Utilizing Draw Show - The CIBUS Way
●Push show delineates the following of sustenance life cycle which begins from Producer and closures with Buyer.
●Transactional information and the parameters determined between the business gatherings will be recorded at each phase of the life cycle.
●Recording medium can be basic Blockchain System.
●Pull show characterizes the correct inverse stream of Push display.
●Here shopper will request the data with respect to the item; and the item business system will give the information.

●Product business system can give the full traceability data or no data or incomplete information with respect to the item.
●Provided information will be put away in Blockchain organize and will be provided to client on request.
●So, the significant contrast is; our Application won't partake to store the traceable data at each phase of lifecycle of the sustenance.
●Rather we will request the data from producer to give traceable data and Blockchain will store the data as much as the maker gives.
Maker/Maker Point of view:
Maker will transfer the accompanying ancient rarities:
●Traceability data.
●Relevant reports
●Transactional data between various business parties included
●Parameters of the item/Singular record data for every business party.
Standardized_Measurement Savvy Contract:
●Latest standard in the market according to sustenance wellbeing guidelines will be there in the brilliant contract.
●After transferring the information and reports the brilliant contract will be executed and put away in Blockchain.
●Indicator will be put away for every parameter. (Passed or Fizzled)
●Stored data will be gotten on Client request.
●Document will be put away as a hash in the Blockchain for provenance.

1.    Q4 of 2017 - Publication of White Paper, Website and promotion

2.    Q1 of 2018 - Token Generation Event, Listing CIBUS Token in cryptocurrency exchanges

3.    Q2 of 2018 - Alpha Release of CIBUS Trace

4.    Q3 of 2018 - Alpha Release of CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

5.    Q4 of 2018 - Beta Version of CIBUS Trace

6.    Q1 of 2019 - Beta Version of CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

7.    Q2 of 2019 - Alpha Version of CIBUS AD, CIBUS Escrow, CIBUS Logistics & CIBUS Affiliate

8.    Q3 of 2019 - Full Release of CIBUS Trace, CIBUS Trade, CIBUS Retail and CIBUS Social

9.    Q4 of 2019 - Beta Version of CIBUS AD, CIBUS Escrow, CIBUS Logistics & CIBUS Affiliate

10. Q1 of 2020 - Full release of Integrated CIBUS Ecosystem Platfo

PRE-TGE TOKEN SALE END DATE: 10:59 AM (GMT) on February 28, 2018

ICO Token Sale Start Date: 11:00 AM (GMT) on February 28, 2018

Payment methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH

Soft cap: 5,000,000 CBT

Hard cap: 40,000,000 CBT

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1000 CIBUS Token

Total token supply (max): 100,000,000 CBT

Min purchase: 10 CBT
Token Sale stages, initial token price, and bonuses:


BONUS : (extra tokens on
Rate (per 1 ETH)

purchased token amount )

50000 CBT or More: 50%
1500 CBT
10:59 AM (GMT)
10000-50000 CBT: 40%
1400 CBT

Less than 10000 CBT: 30%
1300 CBT

February 28, 2018, 11:00 AM
50000 CBT or More: 30%
1300 CBT
(GMT) - March 7, 2018, 10:59
10000-50000 CBT: 25%
1250 CBT

Less than 10000 CBT: 20%
1200 CBT

March 7, 2018, 11:00 AM
50000 CBT or More: 20%
1200 CBT
(GMT) - March 14, 2018, 10:59
10000-50000 CBT: 18%
1180 CBT

Less than 10000 CBT: 16%
1160 CBT

March 14, 2018, 11:00 AM
50000 CBT or More: 16%
1160 CBT
(GMT) - March 21, 2018, 10:59
10000-50000 CBT: 14%
1140 CBT
AM (GMT) March 3rd to March
Less than 10000 CBT: 12%
1120 CBT

10th, 2018

March 21, 2018, 11:00 AM
50000 CBT or More: 12%
1120 CBT
(GMT) - March 28, 2018, 10:59
10000-50000 CBT: 10%
1100 CBT
Less than 10000 CBT: 8%
1080 CBT

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