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Pegasuscoin (PGS) a sustainable currency

Pegasus is a cryptocurrencie made with smart contract on ethereum blockchain innovation, Pegasus coin is a token ERC20, So pegasus System permits speedier exchanges and more effective contrasted and bitcoin or different cryptocurrencys. Pegasus intends to be one of the main Annoymous crypto currencys giving the clients capacity to spend and send anyplace on the planet with no impression over the tor coordinate without uncommon Applications. Pegasuscoin will have is claim Dapps stage where clients can manufacture decentralized applications and our Scrambled interchanges stage that will alow you to send messages, voice and information totaly safely, we be circulated in a few ways airdrop, abundance, token deal and trade with just aggregate supply of 21,000,000 PGS
we will one day lead protection Pegasus could be one of the best 100 cryptographic forms of money in advertise.
Blockchain Innovation
The blockchain is a verifiably bright creation – the brainchild of a man or gathering of individuals known by the nom de plume, Nakamoto. In any case, from that point forward, it has advanced into something more prominent, and the principle question each and every individual is asking is: What is Blockchain?
By enabling advanced data to be circulated yet not replicated, blockchain innovation made the foundation of another sort of web. Initially contrived for the advanced money, Bitcoin, the tech group is currently finding other potential uses for the innovation. Bitcoin has been called "advanced gold," and for a justifiable reason. To date, the aggregate estimation of the cash is near $285 billion US. What's more, blockchains can influence different kinds of advanced to esteem. Like the web (or your auto), you don't have to know how the blockchain attempts to utilize it. Be that as it may, having an essential information of this new innovation demonstrates why it's viewed as progressive.Bitcoin indicates next to no in the method for security we are going to change that
Smart Contracts
Smart contract are account holding objects on the ethereum blockchain. they contain code works and can connect with different contracts, decide, store information, and send ether to others, contract are characterized by their creators, Yet, their execution, and by expansion the administrations they offer, is given by the ethereum organize itself. they will exist and be executable as long as the entire system exists, and will just vanish on the off chance that they were modified to self destruct.
Tor Intergration
We are something other than a money we intend to offer you the best protection and security. Tor, got from an acronym for the first programming venture name, The Onion Switch is an IP obscurity benefit which empowers mysterious correspondence over a layered circuit basednetwork. Tor coordinates web activity through a free overall volunteer overlay arrange comprising of more than seven thousand transfers to disguise a user?s area and use from anyoneconducting system observation or movement examination. The layers of encoded deliver informationused to anonymize information bundles sent through Tor are reminiscent of an onion, henceforth the name. That way, an information parcel's way through the Tor organize can't be completely followed. Tor's utilization is planned to ensure the individual protection of clients, and also their flexibility and capacity to direct classified correspondence by shielding their Web exercises from being monitored.

Pegasus scrambled interchanges stage

Scrambled messages
Secure correspondence by means of Stage, SMS, texts, sound or video messages and shared archives securely through encryption between the guest and collector. Sent and got messages/reports are encoded notwithstanding while being stored on gadgets.
Simple reconciliation

Pegasus bolsters simple incorporation with outsider applications, for example, report, client or cell phone administration frameworks, guaranteeing computerized and secure exchange of information, data, archives and documents between business applications and clients. Pegasus Secure Convention gives genuine end-to-end encryption and a blockchain-based problematic open keys dispersion demonstrate. Each message sent over the stage is scrambled at the client's side before it is transmitted over the system. In the meantime, a one of a kind open key verification framework empowers the end clients to confirm each other's open keys physically in shared mode or naturally through Blockchain exchanges. It additionally gives neighborhood level security to storing information inside a gadget utilizing a symmetric 256-piece encryption key, in light of finger development designs. CSMP incorporates solid encryption advances You can send private, self-destructing messages, photographs, docs, video, and voice messages to other . It additionally erases metadata like geotags and message times. What's more, there's a Safe Shredder include that empowers you to safely delete joined records, messages, and other information should somebody attempt to recuperate anything
Over view

Token Sale
15,350,000 PGS
73 %
3,000,000 PGS
14 %
1,500,000 PGS
7 %
150,000 PGS
1 %
1,000,000 PGS
5 %

Contract Information

Contract:         0xde94cE573DbfeAF8418Ed50556ADaB54b785eF08

Name:                 Pegasuscoin

Symbol:            PGS

Decimal:           8

Total supply:  21,000,000





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