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Honor Decentralized informal Career Ecosystem

JUBS Tecnologia em Serviços LTDA is a Brazilian new business romanticized in 2015, chose by the biggest quickening agent in Brazil - Inovativa Brasil - among the 300 most creative Brazilian new businesses in 2017.This archive exhibits the new Respect cryptocurrency as a principal reason for payments and prizes for dependable signs of stage experts JUBS, the main administration construct enlistment group situated in light of designations and notoriety work.
JUBS was discharged in its rendition 1.0 as an administrations commercial center many broad statistical surveying and item validation.Throughout the procedure, it has set up strong organizations with organizations like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, and today experiences a vital change of decentralization,migrating from the aggressive plan of action to the helpful.
The JUBS stage at first rose as an answer for anybody requiring proficient help to finish an assignment or play out an administration, have the capacity to discover solid individuals among your system of companions and area, bringing the way toward contracting disconnected administrations to the mechanical condition, with an attention on requirements of the normal user.Faced with the improvement and solidification of the Ethereum blockchain innovation, the new idea of decentralized applications offers the most encouraging way to JUBS dream of making a feasible future for current working connections. Respect rises past being just a value-based cryptocurrency, yet additionally a token utility that powers the whole JUBS stage. That includes:A decentralized market for the free market activity of work, administrations and errands. The transformation of bank credit, portions and guardian monetary standards in crypto payments of intermittent or repetitive administrations. The perpetual quality of the casual history of work and expert distinguishing proof unaltered. The support of prizes, disciplines and expert notoriety in a straightforward way. A reliable and compromise in on the web also, disconnected administrations. Unchanging records of correspondence and aggregate obligation protection. In expansion to keen arrangement of administrations and execution of broadened ensures.
It was created under the vision of sustaining the JUBS stage, as well as of building the decentralized group of administration exchange amongst customers and experts of the Latin America, with the principle objective being to make it the essential wellspring of income and between youthful independently employed workers.The Respect cryptocurrency (HNR) will be disseminated at a proportion of HNR per 1 ETH to members - in view of the day by day rate - in the underlying commitment time frame, which is starting on January fifteenth, 2018. The underlying commitment time frame will be keep running for a month or in under 24 hours if the 15M USD roof is come to

JUBS is improving in the specialist co-op portion unraveling incessantly and unfeasible issues which would be incomprehensible without the blockchain innovation. With "tokenID" changeless confirmation innovation, execution and notoriety evaluations are comprised of genuine assessments, with a background marked by administrations and activities spared in the blockchain, allowing the unwavering quality of the data, costs and will bring about quality administrations at a reasonable cost.

1. Quick, Protected and Confided in Cooperations
● Signs - JUBS is searching for specialist organizations up to the second era of its
Facebook companions organize, advising shared companions for individual references, or better assessed in the locale to play out their administrations.
● Closeouts Stage - JUBS as of now has an incorporated arrangement of sales benefit on Android, and soon it will be on IOS and on the web.
● Security - Data, for example, CPF, versatile, email, confront ID and Facebook are checked and validated to the specialist organization's tokenID.
● Coordinated Correspondence - Visit, application associations and videoconferences to enhance the citation experience, security and protection
2. Decentralized People group of Greatness
● Decentralization - The JUBS benefit organize is moving to finish decentralization, which makes it an automatic stage available.

● Gainful Quality - Experts with incredible ceaseless quality execution and capabilities over 4 stars get Respect token prizes toward the finish of every month.
3. Contracts, Administrations and Assurances
● Expenses - JUBS does not charge any expenses for the administration performed, conceding the aggregate incentive to the specialist organization.
● Assurances - Clients may pay to incorporate into their clever contracts ensures for administrations performed by esteem/time controlled by the specialist organization.
● Common Obligation Protection - As per the volume of JUBS tokens put away in the specialist co-op's portfolio, it might initiate selective advantages, for example, Common Risk Protection that shields the costumers from episodes and cases amid the execution of an administration.

4. Payments
● Installment Office - The client will beable to pay the administrations in the credit/platinum card up to 12x and the specialist co-op gets the view inside 3 days after the cryptocurrency or money discharge.
● Exchange - JUBS will have an incorporated exchange where clients can pay utilizing different
fiat monetary forms (dollars, euros, genuine) and digital currencies (Respect, Bitcoin, Ether, Swell, Litecoin, Dash, and so on).

● Token - On the JUBS stage, clients can buy the Respect currency by paying in different digital forms of money for administrations and errands.
● Exchange Currency - Specialist organizations may exchange Respect for different administrations, offer them in exchanges or keep them put away to initiate interesting advantages as indicated by the volume put away.

● Universal Contracting - Given the high expenses and charges engaged with global contracting, utilizing the Respect cryptocurrency is an astounding option for payments for Latin American work administrations.

Formation of the Heterogeneous Team
Market and UX Study
Jubs Platform Mobile Alpha
Acceleration at Inovativa Brazil
Release in a closed ecosystem
Launching and Integration of the Jubs Wallet
Integration of Token Honor to the Platform
Product Market Fit - First Subscribers
Sales Token
Rewards Machine
Brazil Expansion - Growth
Token Listing on Exchanges
Jubs Marketplace 2.0 + Web Launch
Customization of UX by Segment + TokenID
Services smart contracts - Beta Version
Participants Court - Beta Version
Civil Liability Insurance - Beta Version
Consolidation in the Brazilian Market
Automatic conversion of other currencies into Honor
Latin America Internationalization
R&D interaction with IOT via Bluetooth 5
Continued Marketing and Brand Development
Beginning of a new cycle  

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