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Bobsrepair ICO

Anybody that has procured a temporary worker as of late for home repairs has confronted three issues: false data because of survey extortion, shrouded costs because of promoting charges, and expanded costs because of absence of valuing straightforwardness. These issues trap purchasers into settling on poor choices and squandering cash. Weave's Repair is the arrangement. Weave's Repair will take trust and reasonable valuing back to customers by propelling a decentralized commercial center based upon blockchain innovation that associates temporary workers specifically to shoppers. 

In the course of recent years, the Prandecki siblings effectively worked a robotized STWP that straightforwardly associated purchasers to contractual workers, executing over $1,000,000 USD in income and encouraging more than 50,000 administration calls. Notwithstanding this achievement, the organizers perceived that their STWP couldn't take care of the three noteworthy issues confronting customers and contractual workers in the talented exchange industry. 

The Three Problems 
One, survey extortion. Because of survey extortion, purchasers can never again trust online audits. Audit extortion occurs in various ways. Organizations misleadingly expand their general evaluations by obtaining counterfeit audits and paying for the evacuation of negative surveys. Organizations likewise falsely collapse the evaluations of their rivals by buying counterfeit negative audits. Subsequently, shoppers can never again trust look postings, for example, nearby Google suggestions, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp. Without real surveys, customers can't settle on taught decisions, which prompts employing the temporary worker with the most progressive misrepresentation rehearses rather than the best administration or evaluating. Two,promoting charges. Because of promoting expenses, buyers are paying excessively for talented exchange administrations. For example, on existing talented exchange benefit sites, temporary workers will spend a lot of cash on publicizing. Temporary workers pass these publicizing costs on to the buyers, which brings about higher costs. 
Three, estimating straightforwardness. Because of an absence of valuing straightforwardness, buyers don't have a clue about the genuine expenses of the administrations they buy, which brings about out of line estimating. For example, a current gifted exchange benefit site may charge $375 USD to supplant a latrine. The purchaser, in any case, does not know why that administration costs $375 USD - what amount does the new can cost versus the work versus the expenses? Therefore, the purchaser will unconsciously pay $375 USD for a can introduce that they ought to have paid $150 USD for. 

The Solution 
To explain audit misrepresentation, shrouded costs because of promoting charges, and expanded expenses to absence of estimating straightforwardness, Bob's Repair will assemble the Bob Application on the STEEM blockchain. The Bob Application will comprise of a modern iOS, Android, and web application. The Bob Application will use blockchain innovation to battle survey misrepresentation. The Bob Application will be based on the STEEM blockchain because of its three second exchange time and no exchange costs. The Bob Application will store every money related exchange that happen on Bob's Repair on the blockchain. At that point, when the two sides of an exchange - buyer and temporary worker - leave an audit, Bob's Repair will interface that survey to the genuine budgetary exchange. By connecting surveys with genuine money related exchanges, purchasers can assume that the audit is genuine and unaltered. Genuine audits, from genuine shoppers, gives better data so purchasers can settle on better choices. 
The Bob Application won't have promoting from contractual workers. Subsequently, contractual workers won't pass on publicizing expenses to customers. Temporary workers can't purchase perceivability on Bob's Repair through publicizing. Or maybe, because of the elements of upvoting, hailing posts, and client notoriety on the STEEM blockchain, perceivability is administered by justify. For example, if a contractual worker has more checked positive surveys, at that point that temporary worker will have a more critical nearness. This structure will wipe out shrouded publicizing costs. The Bob Application will have straightforward estimating. Each survey will give the cost of the administration, broken into the material and work costs. Purchasers will have the capacity to effortlessly look surveys to decide the real material and work costs for a specific administration. This straightforwardness will drive down costs and battle expanded expenses. 

The Plan 
To understand audit misrepresentation, concealed publicizing charges, and expanded costs, Bob's Repair will assemble the Bob Application and spread the news. To fabricate the Bob Application, Bob's Repair has just enrolled the administrations of blockchain specialists and experienced programming engineers. To get the message out, Bob's Repair intends to use the 50,000 man client base from the STWP, the cryptographic money group, and web-based social networking. Sway's Repair is certain that mindfulness will prompt development. Temporary workers will react to the advantages of the stage, as higher salary and more control of their calendar. In like manner, buyers will rush to the reliable surveys, bring down costs, and better administration. This will bring about a flourishing decentralized system of temporary workers and buyers. To spread mindfulness and immaculate the Bob Application, Bob's Repair will raise supports by issuing ERC20 tokens called BOB Tokens. Sway's Repair will give 50 percent of benefits to token holders by acquiring BOB Tokens each quarter on the open market and consuming them. This consuming procedure is proportionate to giving quarterly buyback and reinvestment profits. Weave's Repair will issue the BOB Token as a security in consistence with SEC controls. To guarantee administrative consistence, Bob's Repair has drawn in advise experienced with SEC controls and universal fund. To keep up income and development, Bob's Repair will take after the cutting edge slant in income models. Weave's Repair won't have participation expenses, join expenses, or exchange charges. This keeps the boundaries of passage as low as feasible at contractual workers and costs as low as feasible for customers, which will encourage development. Rather, Bob's Repair will procure income by creating cash through the STEEM blockchain, escrow benefits, and giving focused on gainful outsider administrations to temporary workers and customers. 
Through the Bob Application, Bob's Repair intends to catch a noteworthy part of the rough $400 billion USD gifted exchange industry advertise. In doing as such, the two contractual workers and shoppers will be in an ideal situation. 

Development of Bob's Repair 
In 2017, the Prandecki siblings perceived that while the STWP gave a lower-cost and more effective contrasting option to the opposition, its expenses and proficiency were still not streamlined. In looking for a superior way, the siblings experienced blockchain innovation. In the wake of finding out about blockchain innovation, the siblings understood that blockchain could overcome the three noteworthy issues confronting the gifted exchange specialist industry: survey misrepresentation, shrouded publicizing expenses, and swelled costs because of absence of evaluating straightforwardness.Subsequently, the Prandecki siblings established Bob's Repair, a Delaware Corporation. The point: dispatch a decentralized commercial center based on blockchain innovation that enables buyers and temporary workers to specifically associate, which will crush survey extortion, shrouded promoting expenses, and expanded costs because of absence of estimating straightforwardness. 

 Market Opportunity 
The market for talented laborers is huge and ready to develop just like the aggregate sum of gifted specialists. The talented exchange industry advertise in the United States alone is esteemed at $340 billion USD, starting at 2015. The graph beneath demonstrates the change and support consumption in the United States (in billions USD) from 2001 to 2015 on both proprietor involved homes and rental units in the United States. 

The ICO 
Bounce's Repair, a Delaware Corporation, will direct the BOB Crowdsale and issue BOB Tokens. The BOB Crowdsale will utilize savvy contracts. A BOB Token is an ERC20 token. The BOB Crowdsale will comprise of two rounds: Pre-ICO and ICO. After the two rounds are done, the BOB Token will be distributed on the Ethereum mainnet. 
ERC20 Token 
BOB Token



Sway Crowdsale 

To take an interest in the BOB Crowdsale, buyers must enlist on the Bob's Repair site (www.bobsrepair.com)and (1) finish a Know your client (KYC) shape, (2) finish an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) frame, and (3) give the ETH address the buyers need the BOB Tokens sent to. In the wake of finishing these means, Bob's Repair will give the buyer tends to where they can send cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH) or fiat cash.
Token price
●  1 ETH = 6000 BOB Tokens

●  Deposits   in   non-ETH   currencies   will   be

converted by the rate at the time of deposit

according to the Kraken exchange.

●  Pre-ICO Bonuses:

○  0 - 2000 ETH collected: 30% bonus

○  2000 - 3000 ETH collected: 25% bonus

○  3000 - 4000 ETH collected: 23% bonus

○  4500 - 6000 ETH collected: 20% bonus

Pre-ICO hard cap:
6,000 ETH

Hard cap (maximum amount to be
30,000 ETH
collected during Pre-ICO and ICO)

Soft  cap  (if  this  amount  is  not
6,000 ETH
collected,  then  money  collected

during the ICO is refunded)

Pre-ICO start:
04 Jan 2018

Pre-ICO end:
04 Feb 2018 or after collecting Pre-ICO hard cap

Public offering (ICO):
TBD - Q1 2018

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