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ZIG Ecex Exchange Assignments Trading Platform

Today monetary administrations segment's electronic exchanging conditions don't offer potential outcomes to exchange with cases, solicitations and figuring agreements(assignments, receivables). Receivables advertise is for the most part human exchanging. Electronic exchanging platforms for receivables, like stock exchanges, don't exist. There are a few business people and new companies, the exchanging platforms are eBay-like online receipt exchanging and human-sponsored exceed expectations based frameworks. There are no immediate associations with speculators.
PlanetZiggurat objective is to expedite assignments Ecex.Exchange exchanging platform. We will fill
the hole by making a market situation, framework for dynamic exchanging platform of task understandings. This implies changing of proprietors of a large number of understandings and archives, for example, claims, solicitations and calculating understandings and so forth. The market framework will be like money markets – extremely straightforward and quick and it will permit exchanging claims, solicitations from the minute they are being issued until the
installment date. Cases, solicitations will be exchanged until the point when the commitments are either met or eradicated because of chapter 11 or characteristic end of the backer. The proprietor of the receipt or claim can delist his privilege any minute (and exercise his entitlement to understand their own prerequisites). As all dealers know, all business sectors work through driving financier firms and on the web business firms. All brokers need to be near conceivable outcomes that enable them to make quick choices and make activities specifically, utilizing market information and exchanging terminals.
PlanetZiggurat will spread all applicable exchanging information to driving business firms and on the web financier firms. We will make game plans that will get the current speculator group associated with the new task showcase. Blockchain innovation can be utilized to confirm exchanges utilizing an outsider. There are three apparatuses arranged:
 1. The exchanging platform, exchange for cases, solicitations and others subjects for assignments (every together task)
2. Exchange data course through driving financier group. PlanetZiggurat will dispatch an exchanging platform to show and show individuals and customers, and
3.Blockchain,particularly computerized signature
PlanetZiggurat will begin on the Estonian market because of the little size of the nation as a test showcase and moderately abnormal state of IT advancement in the nation. This will permit to get a practical framework up a running quick, have the framework good with EU controls and utilize a little market as a test site for assist improvement with a specific end goal to be capable upscale in full range and usefulness at greater markets at the correct time The stock exchange in Estonia is little. There are 50 000 exchanges for every year, the safe and market frameworks are intended for little volumes and are moderately shabby. PlanetZiggurat knows the included people and organizations and is wanting to manufacture its frameworks with a similar programming and lawful foundation. PlanetZigurrat has a course of action with a warning organization g who will help to fit the framework with legislation.             This strategy for success, PlanetZiggurat Oü Ecex.Exchange Exchanging Platform Whitepaper,attempts to fill the hole portrayed by European Commission Directorate-General for Money related Dependability, Monetary Administrations and Capital Markets Union.
Subsidizing diagram
We intend to begin in Estonia in light of the cost. Keeping our costs low, we can likewise make a more alluring value list.Our spending plan for stage 1-2 is approximately 3.57 M EUR. Stage 3-4 spending will be clear before the finish of stage 2. A case for us is IEX Gathering . IEX raised to start with, second and third cycle 1.5, 9.4 and 15 MUSD individually amid two years.
Token Appropriation Structure
The PlanetZiggurat Oü Ecex.Exchange Ziggurat Token appropriation and the relating
token creation process will be composed around keen contracts running on Ethereum.
Token name: ZIG
Add up to Token Supply: 531,000,000 ZIG. Tokens that are not sold amid the Token
Circulation will be demolished.
Objectives: Most extreme: $53 million.
Our circulation battle does not have negligible capital objective on account of project     coherence. Any deal Ziggurat Tokens that stay unsold after the finish of the crowdsale will be added to the PlanetZiggurat Stock. Starting rate: Ziggurat Token cost is bolted to 0.0004561163 ETH per 1 ZIG. 1 ETH = 2400 ZIG.
On the off chance that underlying amount designated for open market deal will be sold before the finish of arranged ICO then it can be raised by decreasing the offer not anticipated beginning appropriation.

Token distribution:    
Foundation — 10%
Partners — 7%
Founders — 7%          
Advisors — 6%          
Bounty — 4% 
Token buyers— 66%. 
Bounty program (%X out of the bounty pool):         
Facebook Campaign - 18%     
Twitter Campaign - 18%         
Bitcointalk Signatures Campaign - 20%          
Bitcointalk Support Campaign - 20%  
Publishing Campaign - 12%    
Project Creative Support - 12%

More Info :
website: https://ico.ecex.exchange/ 
the whitepaper: https://ecex.exchange/whitepaper/WhitePaper.pdf

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