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SwissBorg the best ICO

The banking industry does not look the way it should in the age of digitalisation and decentralisation.
On one hand, the blockchain ecosystem is experiencing exponential growth in asset value creation while available financial management solutions remain extremely limited. On the other hand, the off-chain financial ecosystem operates with obsolete technologies and professional wealth management services that remain exclusive to elite clients while the vast majority is strictly cut-off.It is still difficult for the financial industry to confront reality despite signs of change in clients’ expectations. There is an urgent need for a community-centric investment framework.Whether you are an individual, a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), or a financial expert, SwissBorg’s objective is to create a democratic, decentralised andprofessional ecosystem to manage your portfolio of crypto assets.In a nutshell, we are a cryptographic financial ecosystem that respects the fundamentalvalues of the blockchain: fairness,
accessibility, transparency and trust.Above all, we are strongly convinced that the community is the single most importantasset of an organisation. Off-chain companies tend to create monopolistic systems favouring a privileged minority. Over time these companies lose their spark and are no longer able to attract new talents and implement innovative thinking.At SwissBorg, we aim to create a Cyber Wealth Management Platform using a community-centric approach. Meritocracy and Swarm Intelligence will be at the heart of SwissBorg’s ecosystem ensuring that investment services will always be delivered in accordance with the community’s best interests.

SwissBorg Crypto Index Strategies             
SwissBorg provides investors with a transparent, diversified and unbiased sourceof performance through indexed and advanced investment strategies with a competitive
fee structure.We believe that diversification and quantitative tactical asset allocation are key to a portfolio’s long-term growth.                By creating a full spectrum of Thematic Indexes, we are helping financial advisors,investment managers and private investors from both off and on-chain worlds to build a diversified portfolio allocation. To meet each investor's expectations, we plan to offer strategies ranging from basic to more advanced solutions.SwissBorg expects to launch two tokenized index strategies in H1 2018. The first one will invest in a Large Cap Index and the second one will be a Mid Cap Index. Both strategies will be passive with some smart beta rebalancing components to limit the weight of very large cryptos.
SwissBorg Crypto Index MVP
Far beyond Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has the potential to transform the operational architecture of financial services.We have designed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), called SwissBorg Crypto Index (SBCI), to show how smart contracts could be used to optimise the process of creation and administration of an investment fund.In the Off-Chain world, all of these operations are centralised, involve multipleintermediaries and manual interventions. As a result, the mutual fund system is complex and present hazard of operational errors and data corruption.The purpose of our MVP is to develop a compilation of smart contracts to manage the operations of an investment fund more securely and efficiently.We begin by describing how the cycle of an investment works in the off-chain world. Then,we analyse how we reinterpreted and optimized the same cycle with smart contracts.
Token sale structure

Tokenization is the process by which real world or digital assets are registered on a ledger of a specific blockchain. Technically, a token is assigned to these assets as a unit ofalue.
Token Features
Multi-Utility Token with Proof of Meritocracy
Total Supply CHSB tokens
Soft Cap
5.000.000 CHF
Hard Cap
50.000.000 CHF
TGE Date
07.12.2017 - 10.01.2018
Currency Accepted

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