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Global Mining Token - 1st Round / HASH RATE MARKETPLACE

GMT Token is an Ethereum based token speaking to one side to buy and exchange Cryptocurrency Mining Capacity, or Processing Power ("Hash Rate") at a rebate on the Global Mining Platform site gave by OR Realbit. GMTs will give combined and expanding rebates when obtaining diverse Hash Rates for numerous digital currencies. Tokens will give rebates on buys of Hash Rates of decision.
The GMT Project appeared from a joint wander organization between the general population behind OR Blockchain Investments, which offers oversaw speculation structures and vehicles for the world to put resources into cryptocurrency markets and instruments, and RealBit Mining, official Bitmain wholesaler and chief datacenter supervisor and supplier of hash rate, who united to make Or, on the other hand, RealBit.
GMP intends to make, encourage and keep up a global commercial center for hash rates as venture resources. Hash rate tokens will be sold at to start with, at that point be uninhibitedly exchanged on our request book platform.GMT tokens will fill in as facilitator offering total rebates on hash rate tokens sold through the GMP.OR RealBit will have the capacity to give hash rate or preparing power in the majority of the most mainstream digital currencies in the market. Besides, it will likewise through the Global Mining Platform give the capacity to token holders to offer and exchange their hash rate tokens to each other and outsiders. In the event that holders utilize the GMT token to purchase hash rate tokens, at that point the GMT Token will be solidified until the point when they offer those hash rate tokens.The GMT Token will be the first and final token to enable holders to enter AND leave cryptocurrency mining speculations whenever at a modest, productive cost through its forceful discounts.OR RealBit's hash rate originates from top level server farms in territory China, and additionally Iceland. Our server farms utilize cutting edge innovations, for example, propelled effectiveness cooling frameworks, tidy free vacuum fixed conditions and restrictive mining robots – ensuring a 94% proficiency/machine uptime rating, the most noteworthy in the market

GMT Tokens will be estimated at $0.05 each.Discounts will be connected towards the buy of numerous Hash Rate Tokens on the GMP Platform (BTC and BCH will be the initial ones accessible).
The Global Mining Platform (GMP) will be a cutting edge passage to mining digital forms of money. Miners will have the capacity to check their every day adjusts and have theirmining returns conveyed to wallets of their chosing. Surprisingly, token holders will have the capacity to execute in Hash Rates. Itwill enable individuals to:
1. Buy Hash Rate tokens
2. Designate their Hash Power to mine their preferred cash
3. Offer their Hash Rate tokens
4. Utilize their GMT Tokens to incurr a markdown when purchasing Hash Rate Tokens

Installment TERMS
GMT tokens will be accessible for buy on pre-deal beginning on November first, 2017 and amid the Token Launch from December first, 2017. There will be consequent token batches.GMT can be obtained with BTC, ETH, LTC or fiat monetary forms by means of the accompanying site: https://tokensale.globalminingtoken.com/. Exchanges can be produced using any BTC, ETH or LTC wallet and wire data will likewise be given.
Assets are credited to the members account at https://tokensale.globalminingtoken.com/where they will be changed over into tokens at the individual token issue dates. The base Token Launch section limit is 10 GMT. https://tokensale.globalminingtoken.com/records will be available a few days before the begin of the Token Launch (online or portable access). Clients might be offered a choice to join and make exchanges to their https://tokensale.globalminingtoken.com/accounts, yet they won't have the capacity to secure GMT tokens until the begin of the Token Launch unless they buy GMT tokens on pre-deal through the business team.Accounts will be shielded from unapproved access by a two-factor confirmation system.Original installments made in BTC, LTC and ETH will be changed over to USD at the rate compelling when the rights to GMT tokens were reserved.The assets will be discharged in advance with token issuance.Once the Token Launch is shut, no further GMT tokens can be gained until afuture clump is made available.Pre-Sale members will be issued tokens on February second, 2018 as portrayed above – additionally the GMP Platform will be accessible. When the tokens are issued, they might be exchanged to the proprietor's record on the GMP site and used to buy hash rate for the chose cryptocurrency, or sold through the platform'sorder book.GMP account proprietors get their mining prizes and rental salary in BTC, BCH,ETH, LTC or Dash contingent upon the picked alternative (or any mix of the above).Funds can be moved from the token holder's record to any outsider BTC/ETH/LTC wallet whenever.

The Token Launch will be directed through the https://tokensale.globalminingtoken.com/platform. All installments for GMT tokens will be gathered by a similar platform. Upon the consummation of the Token Launch/ICO, OR Realbit will issue and disseminate its underlying cluster of GMT tokens, with ensuing clump issues to take after upon the fulfillment of their separate accessible dates
Token Pre-Sale Volume: 20 million GMT (1mm USD)
Pre-deal Start Date: November first, 2017 12:00 PM PDT
Pre-deal End Date: November 30th, 2017 12:00 PM PDT
ICO Start Date: December first, 2017 12:00 PM PDT
Introductory Token Issue Date
Tokens Bought at Pre-Sale: February first, 2018 12:00PM PDT

Official Token Issue Date: 2 months after each Batch Closing.
Token Issue Volume: 20 Million Tokens for pre-deal purchasers 60 Million Tokens on ICO Batches 1, 2 and 3 each.
Add up to Maximum Token Volume: 200 Million Tokens (10,000,000 USD Equivalent).
Token Price at Issue: Equivalent of USD 0.05 relying upon the date of the obtaining.

Installment: Accepted Forms of Payment: Bitcoin ("BTC"), Ether ("ETH"), Litecoin ("LTC"), USD Wire Transfer.

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