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Fast Invest is an operating online investment marketplace

Fast Invest is a working on the web investment commercial center which enables its individuals to invest in purchaser based credits. Today we have 8500+ fulfilled day by day clients crosswise over Europe, alongside 50+ representatives. Fast Invest assembles a feasible and versatile model of investment which does not require customary bank support, and which empowers our investors to become their investment portfolio, acquiring easy revenue faster and less demanding than in regular credit organizations. We offer our customers to invest in allowed credits with the yearly return of 8%
to 15% financing cost. Distributed (P2P) monetary organizations are the fastest developing portion of the entire money related industry. Today, our platform clients can finance their records and complete other monetary operations by utilizing significant fiat monetary forms. A rundown of monetary forms, accessible on the platform: Pound sterling (GBP), US dollar (USD), Euro(EUR) and Clean zloty (PLN). Be that as it may, we are chipping away at actualizing extra ones.The platform is consistently being refreshed to address our customers' issuesn– interface refreshes, security refreshes, the execution of new monetary instruments, and other essential computerized apparatuses. The investment credit portfolio is refreshed each day by our Money related and Credit Consistence division to expand security. Most ofmthe advances offered for investment have BuyBack and Default Guarantees.Fast Invest is not the same as our rivals since we have the least passage point in the P2P investment showcase. You can begin investing with as meager as just 1 Euro, US dollar, Pound sterling or Clean zloty. No surge, no pressure, no hazard, and nobureaucracy. We don't restrict how much cash a client can invest utilizing our platform. The novel innovation enables us to slice costs and to adjust tonclient needs, that conventional banks can't dodge. We utilize the most recent Web Innovation to lessen our expenses and give the methods for our client to gain more.

How Does The Platform Function

Stage 1: Borrower Gets a Credit. A man applies for an advance at the advance  originator. After check and salary chance appraisal, the individual gets a advance offer with the terms of concurrence with the Borrower and certificated Loan boss Establishment. For clearness purposes, it is significant that Fast Invest does not loan its assets to the Borrowers.
Stage 2: Adjusting Advances. Certificated Credit Foundations sign the association contract with Fast Invest. From that point forward, Fast Invest Consistence and Credit chance Divisions support the states of the Bank, who holds the permit issued by the neighborhood National Bank as money related administrations administrator. The leaser can benefit the allocated advances to the Fast Invest platform, where Investors can discover diverse advances issued by Loan bosses over the European Union
Stage 3: Borrower Makes Customary Reimbursements.. A Borrower makes month to month reimbursements by the terms of the credit assention and the installment plan. That comprises of loan fee and reimbursement of the first add up to the Leaser. The Lender makes the exchange to Fast Invest, and these paymentminstalments are separated relatively as per the sum invested in thatn specific advance for each Investor.
Stage 4: Get Reimbursements. When the borrower reimburses their advance, our clients will begin getting installments of both the primary entirety and the enthusiasm for that investment period. Assets are naturally exchanged to their Fast Invest client account. The client can reinvest those assets in any accessible advance or demand a payout straightforwardly to their financial balance.

Token Deal

Fast Invest will issue Fast Invest tokens (FIT). FIT shrewd tokens will be actualized on people in general Ethereum blockchain innovation as ERC20 tokens. To make a shrewd contract, we utilized the openZeppelin structure. An aggregate of 777 000 tokens will be produced. From that sum, as much as half of tokens produced will go to crowdsale members. Fast Invest tokens crowdsale will occur on December fourth, 2017 10:00 a.m. London time and will be dispersed until January 31st, 2018 3:00 p.m. Amid ICO, Fast Invest tokens will be dispersed with a rebate structure: 20% extra tokens until the point that a delicate top is come to. Fast Invest token proportion is 1 000 FIT = 1 ETH. Just Ethereum is acknowledged as a installment technique amid ICO No base investment is required. To support the improvement of our business, a deliver to send Ethereum money (ETH) will be assigned. The conveyance of FIT from the keen contract will happen promptly after the ETH is gotten. The FIT will be exchanged and interchangeable once the token deal has finished. We anticipate that FIT will be exchanged on significant trades in June 2018.

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