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NITRO - Blockchain to democratise the utility of video-games economy

NOX is a block chain based token stamped for particular use on the Nitro stage. It depends on the Ethereum convention (ERC20 standard), and will be utilized as the assigned cash inside the Nitro economy. The particular utilization will be talked about in detailwithin area 5.2. It ought to be noticed that these highlights or purposes may not be thorough, and might be adjusted after some time. GO to https://www.nitro.live/ .
What is NOX's Usage?
Utilization inside the Nitro stage.
All exercises on the Nitro stage will be encouraged using NOX. The token can be purchased and sold on the cryptographic token trades for utilization inside the Nitro stage, gave that clients cling to the particular laws of procurement in theirrespective spots of habitation. Given that there are existing directions with respect to the flow of securities in nations, for example, the United States of America, China and Japan (yet not constrained to the previously mentioned nations), buyers have the obligation to check the individual enactment in their places of living arrangement.
Tokens utilized for voting.
NOX will be utilized as an ostensible token for the inward voting system actualized on the stage. Gamers will have the capacity to vote in favor of their coveted diversions utilizing NOX, a procedure which would prompt their possible subsidizing.
Tokens utilized as a shape in-amusement money.
NOX will be effectively replaceable to subtoken Nitro Dollar (NOD), which is pegged to US Dollar (1 NOD : 1 USD). Gesture is utilized as a type of in-diversion money to buy administrations and items. Gesture can likewise be utilized for exchanging between gamers for optional market of in-diversion things for a few amusements. Gamers can choose when they need to trade NOX to NOD, or the other way around whenever on Nitro Marketplace.
Tokens utilized as prizes for long haul supporters of the stage.

NOX holders are qualified to get rewards (as ETH, from Nitro's Vault) for their dynamic cooperation in the Nitro biological community. This is dispersed every once in a while at the Nitro Team's attentiveness, as a type of motivating force for supporters as the Nitro economy keeps on developing through expanded cooperation of all gatherings.
Corporate Structure
Nitro is an autonomous Blockchain based online coordinated effort stage that includes primarily the production of an online electronic commercial center for the different partners of the amusement economy ("Nitro Marketplace") and another digital money called ("NOX" or "NOX Tokens"). As they are being fabricated in light of the Blockchain innovation, the Nitro Marketplace and the NOX tokens created are decentralized frameworks running on the Internet. Improvement of the Nitro Marketplace and formation of the NOX Tokens will be embraced by Nitro Interactive Limited ("Nitro Interactive"), a private constrained organization joined in the British Virgin Islands. The Nitro Project is upheld by iCandy Ventures Ltd ("iCandy Ventures"), a 100% claimed backup of iCandy Interactive Limited ("iCandy Interactive"), an Australian joined versatile amusements studio assemble that is freely recorded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). with nearness in Australia and Southeast Asia. iCandy Ventures will draw upon different assets and systems from aggregate organizations to distribute recreations supported by the Nitro venture and additionally to cultivate a group around Nitro Marketplace.The organization and the presentation crowdsale of the NOX Tokens are overseen by Nitro Interactive out of the British Virgin Island locale in understanding to business and speculation controls and laws of the British Virgin Island.

Crowdsale Overview
Token Name: NOX (ERC20, Ethereum-based)
Token Supply: 120,000,000 tokens produced by keen contract
Littlest Unit: 18 decimal spots
Money Accepted: ETH and BTC
Overseen by: Nitro Interactive Limited (A British Virgin Islandsincorporation)

Pre-Sale: 15thto 22ndNovember 2017
Crowdsale Date: 27thNovember 2017 to 26stDecember 2017
Sub-token NOD: Nitro Dollar (NOD) is pegged 1 NOD to 1 USD, and will be utilized as in-diversion cash and for amusement related exchanges. NOX will be effectively replaceable to NOD at winning conversion scale on Nitro Marketplace.
Crowdsale Rate 1 ETH to 800 NOX
Pre-deal Incentive: 30% reward, i.e. 1 ETH to 1040 NOX (subject to buy estimation of least 5 ETH)
Crowdsale Early Incentives: First 24 hours - 25% reward Subsequent 48 hours - 15% reward
Most extreme Proceeds: Target to raise up to 75,000 ETH however the Nitro Team may consider an oversubscription of up to 85,000 ETH 
NOX Distribution review
The aggregate token supply will be 120 million NOXs (limited supply). The underlying conveyance of NOX will be as per the following:
·         60 million NOXs (half of aggregate supply) being offered for pre-deal and crowdsale.
·         42.6 million NOXs (35.5% of aggregate supply) will be held as Reserve for future issuance and utilize.
·         3 million NOXs (2.5% of aggregate supply) will be paid as settled rate distributing charge to iCandy Ventures Ltd for its part in distributing recreations supported by Nitro. Th is will be payable yearly, from the Reserve and will be re-consulted occasionally.
·         6 million NOXs (5% of aggregate supply) will be held by Nitro Interactive Limited as expense for overseeing and building up the venture.
·          7.2 million NOXs (6% of aggregate supply) will be held as Nitro Team's compensation and as future impetus to grow the group.
·         1.2 million NOXs (1% of aggregate supply) will be granted to Advisors of Nitro.
More Info :
whitepaper      : https://nitro.live/whitepaper.html
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