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Monaize - Banking Meets Blockchain

Blockchain is yet to make a noteworthy leap forward as a worldwide installment arrangement. Certain viewpoints, for example, specialized confinements and an absence of coordination have thwarted its capability to get ordinary clients and develop past the early-adopter stage. Monaize has increased genuine energy assembling a stage which works inside the heritage keeping money foundation. Notwithstanding, understanding the significance that blockchain innovation will play later on of FinTech, the group at Monaize wishes to remain on top of things and accordingly is arranging a guide through which it can offer clients blockchain-based administrations.
Our central goal is to drive the limits in advancement through a longterm association with the Komodo Platform. Our joint vision is to connect saving money and blockchain, and enable cryptographic forms of money to accomplish standard reception

Monaize is an European e-keeping money stage that gives a portable first current record for specialists and private ventures. Utilizing the most recent innovation, Monaize is the principal stage to give a moment KYB (Know Your Business) on-boarding process enabling clients to make a business current record in under five minutes with a smartphone.More than only a present record, Monaize is a stage into which a broad scope of outsider administrations will be coordinated including proficient protection, imaginative installment arrangements, digital money wallets, swarm loaning and calculating; engaging business people to concentrate on their business.Monaize will extend its administrations to the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and Malaysia in the coming years

Komodo Platform flourishes with taking care of existing socio-temperate issues through decentralized innovations and preparing for a prosperous society.They offer white-name benefits, a structure for decentralized applications, and different attachment and play answers for the two organizations and designers. The stage highlights go from security and protection to adaptability. They have effectively made leaps forward with fiat-pegged resources and blockchain interoperability.
Following the confirmation procedure, clients are quickly furnished with a nearby IBAN. With Monaize, business visionaries can deal with their cash in a hurry:
          Money Transfers

          Account Balance Consultation
          Quick View Recent Transactions
          Monthly Statements
          Immediate Lost or Stolen Card Cancelation In-application Customer Service (AI Bot) every minute of every day
Monaize clients are up and running rapidly and their Monaize Business Mastercard is dispatched inside 5 working days following record opening.This is a very proficient process enabling business people to rapidly begin making installments and pulling back money at the a huge number of purposes of offer and ATMs worldwide that demonstrate the Mastercard logo.
Through the Komodo Platform we are likewise ready to take advantage of the majority of the most recent blockchain advancements that we will require in future.
          Pegged fiat monetary forms
          Scalable installment systems
          Micropayments through Bitcoin's Lightning Network (idea level)
          Language skeptic shrewd contracts (idea level)
          On-chain KV stockpiling (blockchain database)
          Blockchain interoperability
What's more, Monaize is hoping to apply blockchain innovation to specific procedures that are critical to its business.
          Peer to peer installments among Monaize customers
          Trust-less Proof of Solvency for Business and Business Partners
          Know Your Business (KYB)
          Contract Placement and Signature
          Smart and basic contracts
The Komodo Platform is Monaize's entryway to blockchain innovation. The Monaize token will be good with Komodo Platform and all advances based over it.
Offers protection, security, adaptability and numerous different highlights, for example, KV stockpiling or autonomous resource chain abilities. The stage likewise gives a portal to stable fiat-pegged monetary forms and will venture into a measured full keen contract stage.
Is the principal open, authorization less digital money that can completely ensure the security of exchanges utilizing zero-information cryptography. Monaize token will acquire the greater part of its highlights through Komodo
The token deal will occur on Friday tenth November 2017 at 12pm (GMT) and will keep going for 30 days.
•3rd party benefit joining (new installment frameworks, swarm loaning arrangements, robotized client benefit visit bot and others)
•Further iOS and Android application advancement
•Blockchain innovative work
•Marketing and deals
•Administration and operations
•Strategic association developmen
•International extension

70% of tokens created will be disseminated amid the token deal under the ticker image MNZ. 1% most extreme of MNZ tokens created will be guaranteed to a couple of early supporters (Komodo group) as a major aspect of a pre-token deal. Assets raised will be utilized for token deal correspondence and advertising and in addition coordinations. 9% of MNZ tokens will be set aside and circulated extra minutes as a major aspect of a motivating force plan to people and associations that add to the Monaize venture. These might incorporate showcasing, business improvement, instructive substance and bug bounties to name a few.20% of tokens will be assigned to Monaize's center group and early supporters as an impetus pool held retained and vested more than 3 years with a specific end goal to guarantee long haul responsibility regarding the organization and hence to the future estimation of the tokens themselves.


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