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LATIUM - the futuredirect the internet to your cause

Of late there is frequently the term digital money and blockchain innovation, both of which are firmly related. Blockchain innovation breeds the decentralization of computerized monetary standards, also called the digital currency. Appropriation of cryprocurrency in reality has been connected nearly in every aspect of life, just the sum is still extremely insignificant.

Alongside that, innovative advances make the way of life of individuals changed, many people groups working errand with exploit mechanical advance by applying the idea of remote, which is working remotely with the control framework through information exchange report by means of the web or even utilize the idea of group watcher as a methods for meeting. Then again, there is as yet a some work of administration that is less straightforward, and work is still exceptionally insignificant.

From the above it can be reasoned that there are a few issues, in particular: Absence of true appropriation of cryptographic forms of money; absence of straightforward worldwide work advertise; absence of worldwide notoriety framework for worldwide work drive; absence of quick installment framework for worldwide work power; and genuine market interest for digital currencies. With that in mind, Latium Stage answers the issue by giving and enhancing answers for this present reality.
Latium is the first and final entrusting stage to fuse a completely robotized rating framework couple with a one-to-many errand relationship structure. This will enable a client to make an undertaking for which they can contract one individual, or a large number of individuals, to finish the errand. This all happens inside a trustless domain where all members have straightforwardness in whom they are working with. The stage will bolster both "Computerized" and "Face to face" undertakings. The Latium group has additionally outlined exclusive undertaking verification frameworks for both "Advanced" and "Face to face" errands, so as to expel trust from the condition while making a situation where assignments with different contracts can be effortlessly overseen. On account of a "Computerized" undertaking, envision a client wishes to direct people to an online appeal. By posting one straightforward Latium undertaking, they can send the same number of individuals to the request of page as their financial plan permits.

the LATX deal will open on November fifteenth, 2017 with a Whitelist deal. This will be a restricted deal open to candidates who are acknowledged by the group. Anybody can apply, yet just a select number of candidates will be taken an interest in this period of the deal. Rates amid this stage will be static at 2,100 LATX per 1 Ethereum. The measure of tokens to be sold in this stage will be discharged preceding the opening of the deal. The objective of the whitelisting procedure is to guarantee assorted token conveyance and help moderate market chance forced by single huge token holders. The Whitelist deal will end on November 28th, 2017 when the General Deal will start.

The General Deal will open on November 28th, 2017. The general deal rate will be static at 2,000 LATX per Ether. A mellow volume reward structure will be discharged preceding the opening of the general deal. Any token deal supply not sold amid the general deal will be scorched.

Token Structure And Allocation

180,000,000 LATX tokens (60% of total Supply) will be available during all phases of the token sale. Any tokens not sold during this period will be burned.
60% For Sale
20% For Adoption Incentives
15% For Founders Lockup
5% For Bounty Program


  • Proof Of Concept Q3-4 2016
  • Beta Release 1st Quarter 2018
  • App Layout And UI/UX Design 2nd Quarter 2017
  • Production Release To App Store And Google Play 1st-2nd Quarter 2018
  • Base Code Creation 2nd Quarter 2017
  • Production Release To Web 2nd-3rd Quarter 2018
  • Release 2nd Quarter 2017
  • On The Fly LATX Conversion 2nd-3rd Quarter 2018
  • Initial Token Sale 3rd & 4th Quarter 2017
  • Multiple Currency Integration 2nd-3rd Quarter 2018
  • Alpha Release 4th quarter 2017
  • Migration To Full Blockchain System 1st Quarter 2019
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